Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Opal Yarn and new and old Projects

I still haven’t found that bag of yarn to finish the baby blanket, but like all things that I “lose”, I know it will show up sooner or later. In the meantime, I finally found a pattern for the Lorna’s Lace lace weight yarn. In comparison to the cob weight yarn I knit the last shawl with the LL yarn feels almost thick.
I’ve adapted a composition pattern out of Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting. It alternates spiders and webs with strips of lace holes. Rather than knitting the patterns in garter stitch as Shetland patterns usually are, I “decided” to do it in stockinette stitch. The “decision” was rather accidental since I didn’t read the chart carefully. The patterns in Miller’s book are in garter stitch and are knitted in lace every row, rather than having a purled row in between. But I didn’t realize the error of my ways, until I had knit about twenty or so rows. Right there and then, I made the decision that this scarf was going to be made in stockinette rather than garter stitch. You see how easy it is to design? I will knit the scarf the Shetland way, by making two matching halves, grafting them together and then adding a border. I haven’t decided yet what type of border to use. The width of the border will depend on the amount of yarn I have left over. Sometimes, I do live dangerously. I doubt if there is any more of this yarn left to be found, particularly since the label has long been lost.
The shawl with the cob weight yarn is done. I still have to block it, but it will have to wait till my aching back feels better.

Onto sock yarn news: Yarns International, , is deciding whether or not to start stocking Opal yarn. Apparently PT Yarn will no longer be the distributor for Opal. According to Yarns International, the new distributor is supposedly more reliable. They asked for feedback from customers. I suggested to them that they might want to look into Opal’s sock yarn club and see if subscriptions could not be made available to US knitters as well. They immediately replied promising to look into it. Yippee! (OK that’s enough enthusiasm for one day.) So if you like Opal, you might want to encourage Yarns International to start stocking it.
“Knit on!”

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