Friday, May 11, 2007

Lace Pattern Heaven
I am in lace pattern heaven. Each birthday, my middle child (daughter) sends me a check and each year I buy something knitting related. I've been lusting after several Burda lace pattern books on this site . So I took the plunge and ordered two old Burda Lace issues. They arrived today. It only took one week. On top of it, the seller sent me an extra magazine, named Lea, also a lace pattern issue. Now which do I choose first and which pattern do I want to make first. Now remember, I already have several other old German lace pattern books/mags from which I already have a "must do" list. At this rate, I'll have to live forever, not just to a hundred, particularly since I also have all three books of Christine Duchrow's lace patterns and just received my copy of Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. (I couldn't pass up the bargain since Amazon had it on sale. They must have had more orders than copies since I ordered mine in February and Amazon was not able to ship until May. But it was worth the wait. So now the dilemma is what to knit first: Shetland or German, or both at the same time? Decisions, decisions.
By the way, for any cross stitchers, the above site has a wealth of cross stitch magazines; of course, most of them are in German, but then a chart is a chart. Right, folks?
So here is some eye candy from the mags I just received. Lust with me, so I am not so lonely.

I think the top two are my favorites so far. The round table cloth is called "Steinrose" or "Stone Rose" and is a Herbert Niebling creation.
"Knit on!"

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