Friday, May 25, 2007


The socks are finished. In fact, I finished them last night. They are too warm for the summer, but then I rarely (maybe never) were socks in the summer. My toes only get covered up in the winter since the Birkenstocks are a wee bit drafty.
Next project started is the T Twist Tee from . I have 9 balls each of Svale of two different colors. Svale is made by Dalegarn and is 50% cotton, 40% viscose, and 10% silk. It is very soft and very loosely plied. Using Addis, the yarn knits quite well despite its loose ply.
I still have to finish the Baby Blanket. I think I'm probably 2/3 done and then have to add the I-cord edging. It gets a wee bit boring to knit the same 4 row pattern back and forth. The problem is that I can almost do it blindfolded, but not quite since that is where the mistakes creep in.
My daughter Angela has also gifted me with 120 grams of hand spun, hand dyed sock yarn. I haven't decided yet what pattern to use with the yarn. I'll have a picture of the yarn tomorrow.
"Knit on!"

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