Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cherry Tree Hill Socks

The first sock is almost done. I started yesterday on it. Originally I wanted to make Jean Townsends Lilac socks because the Cherry Tree Hill yarn reminded me of lilac bushes blooming in a riot of colors. But the pattern as written was too large and I wasn't patient enough to adapt the pattern to sixty stitches; the eight extra stitches in Jean Townsend's pattern just made the sock too big. I found the current pattern in my documents section of the laptop; naturally, I have no idea from where I swiped the pattern. The name I gave it was "Sande lace socks." There is a Sande on several of my knitting lists, so I presume it came from her. Thank you Sande, if it was you. The lace pattern is simple and almost looks like a check mark. In any event, the pattern repeat is 10 stitches and, thus, was perfect for a 60 stitch sock. I've also learned why I like to stick to a familiar brand of sock yarn. I know if I use Opal or a yarn similar to Opal which is incidentally made by little elves from the Black Forest, I can cast on a certain no. of stitches, knit a certain no. of rows, etc., without having to think. In other words, automatic, relaxing knitting. With new yarn, I have to do the "figuring" and trying on the sock all over again.
The Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn has a wonderful depth of color to which may camera does not do justice. It knits well on 2.0 mm needles and the sock comes out somewhat substantial and sturdy looking. Just right for those who have the ability to murder socks in a brief period of time. Only my daughter Angela wearing them will, however, substantiate my assumption.
Here is another view of the sock in which the color of the sock is slightly truer to the actual color of the sock, at least on my monitor.

"Knit On."

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