Friday, May 25, 2007

Chick Update

No, not the two legged human kind, but the two legged feathered ones. They are finally big enough to not be able to slip through the chain link fence around their coop. Oops, I spoke too soon one of the smaller dark ones (hopefully a Cuckoo Maran), apparently still finds a spot it can squeeze through. Marans are chickens that supposedly lay the darkest brown eggs known. They are of French origin. But I have to wait since they are still young enough not to be able to tell whether or not the two I got are roosters or pullets. They only come in straight runs, so you take what you get. I can't help it but I am a little bit simple minded. I get pleasure out of the most simple things. I love to watch these youngsters scurry around and facing each other off.

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