Monday, December 15, 2008

One more Christmas Gift finished!

I just finished another pair of socks. This one is for my son. I found the pattern on-line at:

This is one of Monika Eckert's designs; the same designer that designs such beautiful shawls as the Secret of Chrysopolis and the Secret of Bad Nauheim. The pattern is ingenious in it's simplicity.

It has a 2x2 cable on each side of the sock with a purl stitch before and after the cable. The balance of the stitch pattern is: Row 1: knit 3, lift one stitch purl wise. Row 2: knit. That's it. And since the cable is knit between needle 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, not even an extra needle for the cable is needed. I think the pattern would also look good in a vest or sweater. Have to try it sometime.

Now all I have left is finish up 1-1/2 socks for a friend, but this gift doesn't have to be done by Christmas necessarily.

The yarn is Regia and the top photo is truer to the real color, but I wanted to show the details of the pattern.

"Knit on!" and my wish that you have a quiet Christmas season.