Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trying to catch up with postings

Once again it's been too long since I posted.  My excuse:  I got busy knitting.  Finally sent off a box full of socks to the Motherless Child Foundation and as of the weekend after Thanksgiving they have arrived in Kazakhstan.  It's always a surprise how many pairs I was able to knit during the year when I pack them up for shipping.

I already have two pairs started for next year's gift box, but have taken time out to knit myself a sweater.  The older I get, the more woolly things I need to keep warm.

Here are the socks:

Odds and ends socks knit with dark green Wildfoot yarn and patterned yarn of unknown history.

Knit with Opal Diamant yarn from a free pattern on Ravelry . You can click on Ravelry to get the pattern.

Knit with yarn hand-spun by my youngest daughter.  The pattern is Kalajoki by Tina Seppala.  Again, the pattern is free.  

More to come.  Knit on, Merrily!