Saturday, March 12, 2011

Countdown to Spring

It's March 11. Someone turn off the snow machine!

"Yarnfiti" or the misadventures of a knitter

(No photos, just a funny story.)

It was a sunny day in Michigan. Just the right day to spend taking a trip to the big city to do some shopping before the weather got miserable again. So, Angie and I set off. We made it to The New Ewe in Newaygo, a 45 minute drive from home, selected some yarn for a pair of socks and then realized that we left our collective billfold at home. Angie hopped back in the car to retrieve such billfold while I decided to stay at the yarn shop and do some serious knitting. By the time she returned, I had not done much knitting, but had engaged in more yarn buying.

Onward we went to Grand Rapids where a stop at the local book store is always mandatory. Then to the southeast side of GR to check out a tea shop which Angie had found on line and, thereafter, a visit to her favorite restaurant, Olga's where Gyros are king.

Through all of this traveling, I was happily knitting away on a pair of socks for the orphanage in Akkol, Kazaghstan. On our way back north Angie got the bright idea to stop at Pier One to get a last minute gift. Since I stayed in the car, I opened up the passenger door to enjoy the mild, sunny weather, continuing to knit on the sock. I had finished the leg and was knitting the heel when she returned. I closed the passenger door and continued knitting while Angie drove out of the strip mall and back onto the highway.

When Angie veered into the turning lane, I heard a funny sound, but paid no attention to it, until... Something started tucking at my yarn. I figured it had gotten stuck on something in the car as it fell off my lap. Instead, to my amazement, the yarn kept disappearing through the door. And then it dawned on me: My yarn had fallen out of the car when I was sitting in the parking lot with the car door open. So now we had “Yarnfiti” as the newly purchased skein of Lamb’s Pride sock yarn wound its way around the Pier One parking area, to MacDonald’s, to Sam’s Club, and finally into the left turn lane by the light.

So what to do? Break off the yarn before the needles and the sock disappeared too.

Knit on merrily!