Friday, September 19, 2008

Sock Knit-Alongs

Just a short entry about Sock Knit-Alongs. I am currently in two, a Ravelry Group Sock Knitters Anonymous which is knitting a rather challenging pattern at the moment, at least for me. I rarely knit socks toe-up, and usually when I do, I knit short-row heels. Not only is this sock knit toe-up, but it also has a gusset and a heel flap with the pattern included. It's a challenge for me. Somehow, in the recesses of my brain are cells that rebel and say "socks are knit top down, not toe-up." The pattern is challenging in the sense that one has to keep knitting from the chart; although all the stitches within the pattern are basic stitches. I frogged the sock once; it was too big because I didn't read the instructions (what else is new) and the pattern was off, again because I didn't read the instructions. The designer was good enough to give separate charts for various stitches cast-on. But the sock is fun enough that I am gaily going forward with it. Yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn by Angie, called Pumpkin Pie and I am using 2.25 mm HyaHya needles. I have really come to love these Bamboo needles.

The second KAL is a new group from Germany. The designer is from my former neck of the woods; always a plus, since I am just a wee bit home-sick lately. Of course, I realize that I am home-sick for how the place was when I was a child and a young woman. It's actually a KAL for men's socks. The pattern is somewhat swallowed up by the yarn I used, but the yarn I wanted to use got swallowed up by the "Mom Zone", and so I used a Sockotta Cotton yarn, called the Italian Collection. I since have found the yarn I wanted to use and will knit the socks again.

The sock through the heel with my newest book acquisition. No I don't have small children on my horizon, but the book has a pattern for a mouse which I have seen on another site knit up for Christmas as the "three mice kings".
And here is a detail of the pattern. Petzi, the designer has interpreted waves of an ocean. The waves on the top of the photo are those that break near the beach, while the smaller ones are further away towards the horizon. It's a fun, easy pattern to knit and definitely beats Stinos.
I have a few other projects on the burner, but will post on them later.
"Knit On!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been exactly a month and a day since I posted last. Not that I haven't been busy knitting, but nothing seems to be complete. Part of August and the beginning of September, I spent time knitting samples for my daughter's hand-dyed yarn line. As soon as I can find them, I'll take photos and post them. They'll have to be found by this weekend, so they can be incorporated into the West Branch show.
I've also acquired some more Opal sock yarn and, then, of course, a few skeins of Angie's hand-dyed yarn. Therefore, this post will be about stash enhancement. Here is a smallish sample of what I have accumulated, mostly at excellent prices.

Opal Uni, Color 1262 or a wonderful milk chocolate color.
Opal Neon, Color 1934
Opal Hundertwasser, Color 1431 with Pepe Le Pew and his favorite shawl.

Opal Crazy, Color 1903, bought for Angie

Hand-dyed by Angie, Color: Pumpkin Pie. Sample sock knit with this color. Photo to follow

Hand-dyed by Angie, Color
Knit On!