Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been exactly a month and a day since I posted last. Not that I haven't been busy knitting, but nothing seems to be complete. Part of August and the beginning of September, I spent time knitting samples for my daughter's hand-dyed yarn line. As soon as I can find them, I'll take photos and post them. They'll have to be found by this weekend, so they can be incorporated into the West Branch show.
I've also acquired some more Opal sock yarn and, then, of course, a few skeins of Angie's hand-dyed yarn. Therefore, this post will be about stash enhancement. Here is a smallish sample of what I have accumulated, mostly at excellent prices.

Opal Uni, Color 1262 or a wonderful milk chocolate color.
Opal Neon, Color 1934
Opal Hundertwasser, Color 1431 with Pepe Le Pew and his favorite shawl.

Opal Crazy, Color 1903, bought for Angie

Hand-dyed by Angie, Color: Pumpkin Pie. Sample sock knit with this color. Photo to follow

Hand-dyed by Angie, Color
Knit On!

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