Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Socks

Can you believe it? It's 60 degrees F outside and the sun is shining in Michigan on Nov. 8, 2010.

A quick knit. Three pair of socks out of Raggi Sock Yarn, a 10 ply Aran weight yarn from Sweden. I found the yarn at my local yarn shop and thought it would make good house socks and a pair of snowmobile socks for the neighbor who did some work for us and didn't accept any money. At first I was enthusiastic about the yarn, but then became quickly disappointed. One of the "Fair Isle" type balls of yarn had three -- 3 -- knots in it. Yikes. Needles were 3.5 mm DPNs. I used the pattern from the Show-Off Stranded socks by Anne Campbell, a free Ravelry download. The pattern is worth downloading since it has several different treatments for heels. I used the standard flap heel, my favorite, which fits me best. Since this was a quick knit, I didn't want to experiment with a different heel. The small socks on the right were knit with a short row heel, A's favorite.

The pattern by Anne Campbell makes a nifty pattern for the patterned sock yarns so popular today. It is a simple 4 stitch repeat with first row knit, second row, yarn over - knit 2 and pass yarn over over the two knit stitches - knit 2. Row three knit and row four, knit 2, yarn over - knit 2 - pass yarn over. And repeat ad infinitum.

Update on Long johns: I had to undo the legs. The old pattern just doesn't fit our 21st century thunder thighs. I've also decided that I need to add some short rows in the back for 21st century derrieres, so that the body fits better. I also need to increase the stitches, so the legs fit. As a result of unraveling my knitting twice now, I've skeined the yarn, and it is presently soaking in the basin so it knits like new again. A. is ready to go to Walmart and buy a pair, but I will persevere since it now has become a challenge to come up with a well-fitting pair of long johns.
Another pair of socks and a shawl by MMario are on the needles.

Knit on Merrily!