Monday, May 14, 2007

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado Victims and "darning" or what is darning Mommy?"

I'm bad about links, but I'm going to try. On another list someone sent a message about Greensburg, Kansas and the "one block at a time" project headed by Eldorado Baptist Church in Eldorado, Kansas. Ray Whiting of talked with Laura Spradlin of Eldorado Baptist Church and they are willing to take other items, such as socks. Since Ray did all the work, just click on the above link and it's all there in case you want to either contribute a block for an afghan or socks, or anything else for that matter.
Here are the instructions for the afghan blocks (from shawl knitters group):
What: 8" garter stitch squares
Pattern: knit from corner to corner on the bias (pattern specs below)Fiber: Worsted Weight - wool, superwash wool, wool blendsColor: Any color - solid or variegated yarn
Mailing Deadline: to be announced - will update when estimated home construction completion date is known
Pattern Specs: cast on 4 stitches, increase one stitch* at the beginning of each row, knit in garter stitch (knit on every row) until one side measures 8", k2tog at the end of each row until 5 stitches remain, cast off.*the increase stitch that I am using is kfb (knit into the front and back of the first stitch)
Designs or various stitch patterns or stockinette can be incorporated if you wish but the basic pattern is intended to simplify seaming for the various people who may be helping with seaming. If we collect more squares than we need for one family we will continue assembling afghans to be given to other families. If any one would like to include a note or postcard sending good wishes to the family who receives your afghan square we will keep those messages together with the square(s) you send. We're looking forward to being able to get these afghans and messages to the families!

Onto another topic: "Capote, darning and the modern age" was contributed by another member of one of the lists to which I belong. It is really an interesting read.
So enjoy and "Knit on."

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