Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have decided...

...on the pattern for the baby blanket for my doctor's wife. Finally! It's taken me weeks of buying several different colors of Encore and then changing my mind again and again. So now I have to get more yarn because I don't think I have enough. Oh well that is easily corrected. I am probably going to finish the blanket with an I-cord. Otherwise I am thinking about a garter stitch border, but the I-cord appeals to me more.

The chicks were thrown out of the bathroom. They were having too much fun and escaping from their box and having fun in the linen closet. I figured if they could fly out of the box they had enough feathers to go into the coop. I made a temporary enclosure for them since they are only three weeks old and at night still gather under the heat lamp. It still gets down into the thirties during the night.

As far as birthdays go, some of you wondered how old is she? Well I'll tell you. I've been through thick and thin for 67 years and 2 days. So there! Now you know how old this youngster is.
"Knit on!"

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