Friday, June 1, 2007

My attempt at being a critic!

I watched an interesting show last night on BBC America: “The Trial of Tony Blair.” It was actually interesting enough for me to put down my knitting—imagine that.

BBC America advertised the show as follows:
"In the wake of Tony Blair’s recent announcement that he is to stand down as British Prime Minister, BBC AMERICA presents a fictional satire of one of the most powerful and controversial figures on the world’s political stage. The year is 2010, and Blair is giving his last ministerial broadcast, having finally handed over the reins of power to his deputy, Gordon Brown. On the other side of the Atlantic, President Hillary Clinton is campaigning for her second term at the White House, and former President Bush is in rehab."

If you have a chance, you may want to have a look at it if it is re-aired.

In the end, Prime Minister Blair, after he has resigned, is indicted as a war criminal while George Bush cannot be indicted since the US did not sign on to the “War Criminals Act.” What specifically stood out for me was the tremendous self-absorption and egotism of PM Blair which probably applies to many if not most politicians.

No knit content today. But, as always, "knit on."

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