Thursday, June 28, 2007

And Here it is...

...the Lorna Lace shawl. I finally got it blocked and photos taken. I could have knitted it longer. My daughter just found another ball of the yarn. Oh well, it's long enough. I'll save the left overs and incorporate them into something else. The pattern in the shawl is adapted from Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting, on pages 111 and 112. The pattern is basically the same except for knitting it in stocking stitch rather than garter stitch. The edging is from The Best of Knitter's Magazine: Shawls and Scarves, page 24. It is the edging for the Christening Chrysalis; again the border was converted from garter stitch to stocking stitch.

This is only the second project that I have made from Lorna's yarn. The first was a pair of socks for someone that bought the yarn and wanted the socks knit on commission. The LYS owner was originally going to knit them, but had conflicts with time. The woman was very ill and there was some discussion that she might not live long enough for her to finish them. I volunteered even though I thoroughly dislike the yarn. I ended up not charging her anything because of her illness and considered it "a random act of kindness." I don't do too many of them.

The yarn for the shawl continues to bleed even after several washings (with vinegar). The colors are beautiful, and it has a lovely sheen to it, but I still don't like knitting with it. But alas rather than it continuing to be a thorn in my side, I decided to just knit something with it. Here is a better detail of the pattern

Knitting this pattern in stocking rather than garter stitch would be ideal for a beginning knitter since one does not have to deal with doing the y/o on the reverse side, but rather purls the even rows.

So what to do next? Maybe I ought to finish up the summer sweater I have started and in between knit on the scarf I talked about the other day.
"Knit on!"

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