Monday, June 25, 2007

Angie and I went "Garage Saling" this past Saturday. The sides of our dirt roads are loaded with blooming milkweed. One of the plants was particularly beautiful. So here's a picture. At the garage sales, I found a couple of old cook books and an embroidery catalogue from Brainerd & Armstrong Company, New London, Connecticut dated 1911. It is basically a catalogue listing all their embroidery items for sale with some pages of instructions on various embroidery techniques. It also has some beautiful color plates. I also found a solid rocking chair for $20. Thanks, Angie, for lugging it into the car and out of it. I don't go to garage sales very often, but it was a wonderful sunny day with temperatures in the low 70s, so we had lots of fun.

On the subject of knitting, I had some yarn left over from the socks I knit recently; so the rest of it was turned into two sets of wrist warmers. One of the sets (top photo) is my "own" design, purl 2, knit 4 and then making a right leaning cable from the K4 with 3 rows in between. The bottom photo was adapted from Piecework, March/April 2006 issue. The basic pattern is: Row 1 - *P1. sl 1. k1, psso, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, k2tog* repeat from *to end. Row 2 - *P1, k11; rep from *to end. The article is by Nancy Bush. Her cuffs are made in marvelous color combinations. Piecework is an Interweave publication and is well worth the price.

The rectangular shawl is also finished. It's soaking right now. I am always amazed how much Lorna's Lace yarn bleeds. I hope to be able to block it tomorrow. Then the only thing I have left to do for this year's fiber fetivals is blocking the outer border of the Minettara shaw. Yeah!
"Knit on!"

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