Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brr...it's cold outside

It's only in the 50s today and the sky is overcast. We've finally had some rain over the past two days.

Update on Opal yarn: I have heard from Yarns International. They will carry the Rain forest II and III and the Hundertwasser Cotton and Wool. Now we need to see what their pricing structure will be.

Progress Reports:

Knitting-wise I have nothing to show, so I thought I'd show a photo of the tree frog which had plastered itself to the front screen door last summer. It's not the best of pics. But considering I have a simple digital camera and the glass in the screen door was dirty and it was night, it'll do.

The body of the scarf I've been working on is finished. I've started the border, but, of course, that is always what takes the longest. I think I'm tempting the gods; hopefully, there is enough yarn left for the border I have chosen.

I still haven't found the yarn to finish the baby blanket. If I don't locate it by tomorrow, I'll just have to go the the yarn store and get more. My DD has promised to help me block the scarf/shawl knit with the variegated cobweb yarn tonight, so I should have a photo pretty soon. Then I have to figure out how to finish blocking the Niebling lace. That will finish the projects for the year which are going up for sale. There are four of us who have a small informal cooperative called "Dances with Wool." We usually go to the major fiber exhibitions in Michigan. I am not a sales person at heart, so I usually leave it up to the others to do that part, and I just pay my 15%. After I am finished with the shawls and the baby blanket, I will go back to the Dale of Norway sweater and decide what to do with the Stahman Faroese Shawl that I've lost interest in.

I still have to plant five currant bushes. The gooseberries looked very promising this year with much fruit on them--that is, until the deer ate all the unripe fruit. So now we have 6 gooseberry bushes and no gooseberries. Will have to figure out a way to keep the deer at bay next year. No I don't have a shot gun.

"Knit on!"

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