Sunday, June 10, 2007

I've started to knit myself a pair of socks from the yarn my daughter has gifted to me. The roving is Polwarth, also known as Falkland. She died the roving and then spun it with one of her drop spindles. I think the yarn is gorgeous and in many ways reminds me of the Fall leaves in Northern Michigan.
I "borrowed" the quiz "What Color is your brain" from another blog. The results describe me pretty accurately.
Knit on!"

At work or in school: I work best by myself. I like to focus on my ideas until my desire for understanding is satisfied. I am easily bored if the subject holds no interest to me. Sometimes, it is hard for me to set priorities because so many things are of interest.
With friends: I may seem reserved. Although my thoughts and feelings run deep, I am uneasy with frequent displays of emotion. I enjoy people who are interesting and of high integrity.
With family: I am probably seen as a loner because I like a lot of private time to think. Sometimes, I find family activities boring and have difficulty following family rules that don't make sense to me. I show love by spending time with my family and sharing ideas and interests.

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