Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Teapot Cozy Anyone?

I was finally going to get started with my annual hats for the local elementary school. So, of course, I started out with a hat pattern, a proper hat pattern found on the Internet. Even though I used the smallest size of the pattern, the hat morphed into something rather large. In fact, large enough to fit over one of those beehive hairdos, or a rather large Afro, of which some of us have "fond" or maybe even "nostalgic" memories. It was even too large for my big head. So I undid the border and one of the pattern repeats, added a small border to it and cast off once again. Now it was only too big in circumference. In other words my eyes were no longer covered, but I could still twirl it around without messing up my hairdo. What to do? And then The Kid, aka dearest youngest daughter, had a revelation: a teapot cozy! Of course! It fit perfectly. So instead of knitting a hat, I now have a cozy for my teapot.
In defense of the pattern, the achieved size may have had something to do with the yarn I chose; although I made a swatch and adjusted the pattern accordingly. How often do I swatch, you ask? "Hardly ever," I say. So the moral of the story is? Make another one with the correct yarn weight and needles.
"Knit on!"

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