Friday, January 5, 2007

A personal review of DGB sock yarn

These socks were made from DGB Confetti super wash yarn which I found in the half-off bin at a "LYS." I have some issues with this yarn. After having the first sock nearly finished, I had to do the froggie dance on a lily pad because the sock didn't quite fit. Now that wasn't the yarn's fault, but after unraveling the yarn, it was much more kinked than a yarn like Opal or Froehlich. It was hard to re-knit the sock without washing the yarn first. Finally, the yarn was so tightly plied that when I wove in the ends, it started to twist back on itself. The company, Diff. G. Brui Inc., is located in Quebec, but the yarn itself was made in Italy according to the label.

The heel on this pair of socks is the one I was taught as a youngster; I think the official term is "Dutch Square Heel," but to me it's "the heel my mother taught me." While it does not look as elegant as other heels, it seems to fit better.
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