Saturday, December 30, 2006

afghans for Afghans

You all know that I've been knitting off and on for this Charity. Right now they are looking for socks and hats for infants for Cure Hospital in Kabul. They deliver about 300 babies a month. Incidentally, CNN had a special on yesterday about the lot of Afghanistan women, a follow up to their original show in which the Taliban executed a woman right in front of everyone. Their lot has gotten better in some spots and some girls are allowed to attend school, but for many women life is just as hard and cruel as it was when the Taliban were in charge. The CNN moderator asked one of the doctors about the condition of the pregnant women as they arrive at the hospital. The physician answered that they tell the husbands that if they had brought their wives in earlier they wouldn't experience the complications they do. So the births at the Kabul hospital are most likely all high-risk births. So here are photos of my contributions to this drive which will be over in February. I've decided that after I finish a pair of adult socks, I will use the rest of the yarn for newborn socks unless, of course, the socks are for my son-in-law; his feet are too big to have any yarn left over. Surprisingly, I found, at first, it more difficult to knit itty-bitty socks than regular sized socks; couldn't quite get my hands to cooperate with something this small. But I think my hands and infant socks have made peace with each other and I will knit some more. Here is the link for the charity:

I have also finished my son-in-laws socks. The extra yarn came in right before Christmas. I couldn't believe my luck; the wholesaler actually had one 50 gram skein left of this discontinued yarn. And here is a picture of the finished socks.

I have only eighteen rows left to knit on the Secret of Chrysopolis shawl. It's about time. I've been knitting on this rectangular shawl way too long.
Finally, I need to re-knit a sleeve for Angie's sweater. Can you believe I ended up with one sleeve longer than the other. I have no idea how I managed to do that, but I did. So within the next couple of days I should have all UFOs turned into FOs, oh except one tiny infant sock and a hat to match.

"Knit On!"

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