Friday, December 1, 2006

Another Shawl Finished

The problem with doing an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi shawl is the edging. 597x2 rows to be exact and grafting together the first and the last rows. But then comes the payoff: The blocking of the shawl and finally seeing the whole picture, and the sum of the parts is always bigger than the parts themselves. I am not a knitter who can plot a series of patterns on a chart and see the whole picture. I need to knit one section, add the next pattern and then see if the two patterns make a pleasing whole. So each shawl is an adventure for me.

The yarn for this shawl was hand spun by my daughter from commercial roving. It is a multi-color teal; I have also made a scarf with a Lithuanian Lilies of the Valley pattern from the same yarn. The shawl started out as a knit-along on the EZasPi yahoo group. Of course, as with all patterns, I had to tinker with it. I made it a true Pi shawl rather than dividing it into four sections at the 288 stitch increase. I also found an edging in a 1983 German knitting magazine (Burda) that I thought would look well with the rest of the shawl. It was originally intended as a lace edging for a handkerchief. So here it is. Seventy inches in diameter.

And now on to the next shawl, finishing the edge on a self-designed shawl and Myrna Stahman's Gracie version of a Faroese shawl.
Knit onward!

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