Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gansey Saga Part III

I must be a tinkerer at heart. Liz Lovick of , the Gansey workshop leader, suggested in her instructions to crochet together the two small squares for the pin cushion. there was only one snag someone on the list didn't know how to crochet. So the suggestion was made that the two squares could also be sewn together or joined with the blanket stitch. Well, not only did I have to try all three finishes, I decided to try three different yarns to see how the yarns handled the stitch definition. All were hand spun by my daughter. (I am a total failure when it comes to spinning; too many body parts doing different things at the same time.) The left front cushion is knitted from Finn and the edging is the blanket stitch. The back one is knit from either Blue-faced or Border Leicester with the edging being crocheted. The right front pincushion is made of hand spun commercial roving with the sides sewn together and then turned right side out. All cushions are stuffed with waste roving. My personal preference is the blanket stitch. In my opinion, the Leicester and the Finn appear to have the best stitch definition. Now what to do with four pin cushions?

And on to finishing the edging of a shawl, so that I can start my Dale of Norway Knit-Along and the Gansey vest. I suppose I better start rummaging through my stash to see if I have enough yarn for a Gansey. "Knit on!

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