Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gansey Saga continued...

The front of the first pillow is done. I used Telemark from Knit Picks. However, I ran out of yarn while knitting the back and had to order more. The original pattern used 100 grams of 5 ply Frangipani, a traditional Gansey yarn. I've got to bite the bullet and order some. The gauge was the same with the Telemark, but obviously one uses more of the Telemark than the Frangipani. I like the feeling of the Telemark and stitch definition is excellent, and, most importantly, it doesn't itch. The only drawback with the Telemark is that it has a slight tendency to split. The symmetry of the Gansey patterns are to my liking and fill my need for order. (Must be the German in me.) So now I am impatiently waiting for the rest of the yarn.

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