Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's cold out there...

It's cold outside, so I decided to make a quick in-between project: "The Endless Seamless One-surfaced, One-edged Shawl-Cap-Muff" also known as a Moebius Scarf from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around. The yarn is Shetland, hand spun into chunky weight and the colors are natural. I had exactly enough yarn of the two colors to make it the recommended 60 inches long, with a few yards of yarn left over. The I-cord is "built in," i.e. knitted at the same time as the scarf, since I had no idea how much yarn to save to make a separate, one-color I-cord. Besides the other way is so convenient. It's finished, it's warm, and I hope my daughter will enjoy it.

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