Monday, July 9, 2007

Joined two new groups...

Can you believe it? but I saw all those fabulous dishcloths by various blog friends and just couldn't say no. Most are quick to knit, and I've been able to use some leftover yarn. Of course also had to buy some Peaches and Cream.

It took about an hour to knit the July KAL dishcloth from MonthlyDishcloths, but the pattern doesn't show up well with the yarn I used. Our local store only had yellow and white variegated and the yellow with rust and green bits in it, so I used it. I'll either have to order some solid colors on line or look at one of the bigger craft stores when I go to Grand Rapids, Mich. Good excuse to accumulate more stash, isn't it? I figure knitting dishcloths is also a quick project when I get tired of the bigger ones.

The dishcloth got knit so fast because our transformer got hit by lightening today, again, and thus no TV news interference. Actually, we have our own transformer on our property. I have no idea why, but the Great Lakes Energy guy was out in less than half an hour after our call. It's either the second or third time in two or three years. we've been struck by lightening. Once they had to replace the whole thing, then last year lightening hit our house and came right from behind the TV. Didn't fry the TV, but fried the phone lines, answering machine, DSL, Ethernet cards, DVD player, Satellite, and several of the electrical outlets. Scariest thing I ever saw. I was standing nearby when lightening came from behind the TV, and around the corner of the entertainment center. The satellite installer had grounded the dish incorrectly. Today's lightening damage was a bit easier to fix. We had just enough warning to unplug the DSL modem and electrical cord. But Angie decided to have a cigarette and touched the metal part of the back screen door and got a jolt. She is OK.

Some of you may have these links to various dish cloths, but they are fun and I particularly like the one that is both in English and French. One of the dishcloths called Vineyard would make a really nice lace pattern for a bigger project. So without further ado here are the links:

That's all folks.

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