Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christmas in July

I had written this wonderful piece of prose, when the world wide web ate my words, the computer froze, and all was not well in the blogosphere. I am glad to report that the computer is up and running again and the Rainy Day Socks are finished. You can find the link to the pattern in my blog of July 15.

I always try the sock on before knitting the toes and the foot came right up to the end of my little toe. The fit was perfect and so I did the toes. Then, I washed them, shaped them, dried them and put them on one more time before putting them away for winter.

Horror upon horrors, the socks were too big. Hear me sob, imagine my cheeks wet with tears, tend to my woes. My socks don't fit. Somehow the wool relaxed by washing it. What to do? And then the answer came. My middle daughter's feet are longer than mine. They've become a Christmas present; the first present for Christmas I've ever made this early. Now I better stash them some place where I can find them, that means not with the Christmas Angel I bought for her three years ago that was also put in a safe place and never was found again.

So I have started another pair of socks with Opal yarn I had on hand. The yarn better behave as it has in the past or I am giving up on socks for a short while. (Nah; it'll never happen.)

"Knit on!"

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