Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Indulge me, please. I was transferring old photos the other day from one computer to another and to off-line storage. Since I am wandering aimlessly through knitting land, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. All of them have personal meaning for me.

I love the shades of the ferns on the stones in this picture. Purely accidental and not due to any photo composing skills on my part.

Oxford Lake, Newaygo County, Michigan. Such a serene setting and such a grim history. The body of a murdered female was found in the lake. Since the lake is on Federal land, the perpetrator was tried in Federal court and sentenced to death. The woman's child has never been found. When I was still working at the prison reception center for youthful offenders, I performed the psychological evaluation of the nephew of the perpetrator. He was quite proud of his uncle. The family that commits crimes together stays together?

Fall has arrived in Michigan.

Isn't he cute? But watch out he spits too.

Peggy while she was still alive kissing her llamas.

Storm clouds are accumulating over Big Twin Lake, Newaygo County, Michigan.

View of Big Twin Lake, Newaygo County, Michigan, after the storm has passed. The photo was taken from my former cottage on the lake.

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  1. Nice pictures. I especially like the one of the fern.