Friday, September 11, 2009

Another pair of socks has been started.

The pattern is by Monika Eckert from her Klabauter-goes-socks subscription and, as often with Moni's patterns, challenged my skills even after 60 some years of knitting. The yarn is Plymouth's Rockin' Sox in a green/blue (almost purple) shade. The yarn contains some Bamboo which gives it a nice shine. Of course, the camera didn't pick it up. But here is a photo of the first sock.

The pattern is named "Bad Toelz" after a Bavarian town in Germany and reflects the ornate architecture of the spa. I found this photograph on Wikipedia.

Knit on merrily.


  1. I love these old, painted buildings in Germany! This picture reminded me of a building in Bamberg that had a picture of a lady with 4 breasts :-)

    PS: Nice socks!

  2. Beautiful socks and the building is also. A former neighbor, from Germany used to tell me who beautiful the buildings in Germany were, how clean everything was and the many beautiful flowers.

  3. Renate - you must get to know your camera's white balance. We learned about it at the Men's retreat. Check your manual (yes, sometimes we have to). Using your white balance correctly means you can get more accurate colour. Also, because a flash is front mounted it is probably the least favourable light for quality photos. So when possible, avoid the flash, use the WB for the situation and you should get better quality pictures. (I guess I'd better post some to my blog to see if it does work, since I have some examples of pics taken after the class.

  4. What lovely socks!

    My one Opa refused to call me Renee... he always called me Renate. :)