Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pair #19

After a brief hiatus, pair no. 19 for the 52 pair sock plunge is done. These are contract socks. A lady whom I have yet to meet (my daughter did at the West Branch, Mich. Fiber Festival), had big plans for knitting socks for her family. Unfortunately, she developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and cannot knit them. She sent me a whole box of sock yarn with desired sizes. Since my own and family sock larder is fairly full, and I have enough socks to give to charity, I decided to take on the challenge. So, here is the first pair, with the second pair started.

The socks are knit with Berroco Sox yarn, 9" foot and leg length.

The second pair are being knit with ON line Supersocke 100, Holiday Color, yarn. The yarn is fairly bright and a simple pattern of k2, p1, seems to tone it down a bit.

Knit on merrily.


  1. Nice socks, Renate. Lucky lady to have you knit the socks for her.

  2. What a great project -- fun socks!

  3. Renate, I love all your beautiful socks! So far I've only knit one pair of teeny, tiny baby socks, but now that I'm armed with more sock yarn and a pattern there should be more to follow. I'm also really excited about a Finnish knit sock course I hope to take this autumn, though I'm not (yet) sure what's different about Finnish socks!