Saturday, July 4, 2009

Uptown Boot Socks

I've owned Favorite Socks - 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave for some time, but have never knit any socks from it. So I remedied the situation and am knitting Jennifer Appleby's Uptown Boot Socks. While it's a cable pattern, it's almost brainless since the pattern consists of the same 4 stitch, left leaning cable and 4 knit stitches, offset every 4 rows. The yarn is Schoeller and Stahl's Fortissima Socka. The yarn is 60% wool and 40% Polypropylene. Supposedly the yarn wicks moisture away from the body and thus keeps feet dry and warm. If it actually works, this yarn would be ideal for hiking socks. The yarn was on sale; what else can I say.

Knit on merrily.


  1. Nice sock! Let me know if the yarn really works at wicking away moisture.

  2. Maybe it's a sock for the camino. Of course, I used wicking socks when I walked the camino in the spring, but I still got upteen blisters.

  3. I love how this patternis coming out. Glad to see you have Blogger and I can see your lovely shawls and socks!