Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pair No. 6

Knitting: Well, pair no. 6 of the 52 pairs of socks between June 2009 and May 2010 is finished. As stated previously it is a pattern from Favorite Socks - 25 Classic Patterns from Interweave. One of these days I must take an inventory of all the sock books I own. I know it's way too many and maybe I really don't want to know how many sock books I have and how much they cost.

The cable pattern for the sock is an easy knit, TV friendly, but is very dense and has little give. They are for my daughter and Angie will test the quality of the yarn. So far the only yarn she has not been able to wear out is Opal sock yarn. Her wearing of the socks should also tell us how good the wicking action of the yarn is.

Now what will pair no. 7 look like? I wonder.

Update on the turkeys: They are ready to be butchered. After researching the butchering process of turkeys on the Internet and reading various blog writers' experiences with the process, I've decided they are going to the butcher. As much as I hate to have to pay someone, there is no way I can handle such large birds by myself and the above named daughter, aka Valley6222 on the Internet, refuses to help. She will eat them, but will not help with the butchering. What has the world come to? There really is a disconnect between where food comes from and eating it. Of course that also means that the cooking of such birds has to be different. You can't just turn the oven on and shove them in. These birds are not injected with saline/oil solutions; they will actually need seasoning and proper basting. I can't wait.

On the chicken front, several of the chickens are helping with sitting on the eggs. Hopefully some of the clutch will hatch. My suspicion is that the hens lay their eggs next to the chickens that are sitting and the circle of eggs to be sat on grows larger every day. We'll see. One week to go and then if the eggs have not hatched, I will have to remove them.
It's time to feed the chickens and then back to knitting.
Knit on merrily.

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  1. Love the socks! You are moving right along with the # of pairs committed to.

    I have that sock book and it is one of my favorites!