Monday, July 27, 2009

How Socks #10 got finished

I have had two bad days in a row. Between two days worth of migraines and a night of dreaming in which I was at work again and driving a car, I am in somewhat of a funk. My car accident several years ago and having to take medical retirement from work, after being attacked, continue to haunt me. These two incidents were ultimately the trigger that brought back all the experiences from WWII. In other words every fiber in my body and every neurotransmitter in my brain said "we've had it."

Themes of working or driving in my dreams always lead to nightmares, and the two together at the same time really throw me into a tailspin. Thus I was wide awake with a panic attack at 3:30 a.m.. Since I couldn't go back to sleep, I finished up the second sock of a thank you gift for a friend who was kind enough to haul the turkeys to the butcher. The truth is: they are the most expensive turkeys this family has ever eaten, so they better taste good.

Luckily I still remember how to cook a turkey without a pop-up thingie or saline solution in it. Think of it, at least us "older" folks, there may be a whole generation out there, that has never tasted a turkey that wasn't loaded with a saline solution or didn't have a pop-up timer in it to tell the cook the turkey is done. What deprivation we have experienced! (I think my sense of humor is coming back.) And think of it, it all started with Hamburger Helper and Pop Tarts.

In any event, the socks are finished, washed and blocked and can go to its recipient tomorrow. The pattern is Yarn Harlot's "Earl Grey" and the yarn is Regia, 4 ply, hunter or forest green.

Knit on merrily and thanks for letting me share my crummy night. I feel better.


  1. I've had many the turkey roasted by my mother which never saw a "thingie" or saline, but then I'm older too. Back then turkey was so good. Unlike a few years ago, when I cooked a turkey that didn't even have an aroma while cooking and tasted like nothing (I mean "nothing" it was tasteless. I'm sure your turkeys will be tops. I'm jealous. Want some.

  2. And I'm glad that you are able to have a positive spin on your bad night by getting those socks done - they are lovely. The recipient will be thrilled. You're ahead of the game on the 52 socks aren't you?

  3. These are lovely socks! You have a lot of patience to knit the length of your socks so long. The color looks beautiful, too.

    Thanks for sharing. Sorry for all the things that you have been through, but you are a survivor and you have such a lovely spirit, too.

  4. Nice socks, Renate. Hope the next few days make up in fun for the two crummy ones you had. I almost never dream and have had a couple of strange dreams the last couple of nights.