Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Socks #9...

...or what did you do to my mother? I've knit a pair of Stinos (stinking ordinary socks) for one of my daughters. She likes them this way. I, on the other hand, like socks with patterns. So when she saw me knitting these, she wondered out loud what had happened to her mother. Nothing really, I liked the colorway in the yarn and felt the socks didn't need anything else. The yarn is Meilenweit and the color sequence is Sunset. Of course, one of the chickens, aka Mama, had to get into the picture.
This is the ninth pair for the 52 pairs of sock plunge. Since I am ahead a bit, I am going to dedicate the rest of the week to my shawl Knit-Along that I started last month. After knitting all these socks, the yarn for the Shawl feels like thin thread, the consistency of cooked, slippery linguine.

Knit on merrily.


  1. Nice socks. Hope the hen didn't peck at them too much. You are whipping along on the sock challenge, aren't you. What's the KAL shawl you're working on?

  2. I love the color of those socks! Just beautiful!

  3. Lovely socks. I like that you make them identical rather than "fraternal".