Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pair No. 7

I am knitting the 7th pair of adult socks for the 52 socks in 52 weeks challenge. I think the yarn came from Webs and was hand dyed by my daughter some time ago. It was originally used in a test knit, but the pattern in the second sock looked nothing like the pattern in the first one. On top of that I had lost my place on the second sock and since the first sock was different I couldn't compare the two to see where I goofed up. So this became one of those rare occasions when I "frogged" both socks. (I can normally live with minor differences, but this was even too much for me.) The yarn was resurrected in this pair.

The pattern is called "Berlin." It was designed by Kristin Benecken for a trip to Berlin by a group of knitters. Not too sure how this works, but I am reasonably sure that it works like some of our car trips to fiber festivals or yarn stores in a different town except these trips are done by train. It is a fairly easy pattern of 16 rows, but not a pattern which can be knit automatically. The pattern is free and can be found on Ravelry together with some of Kristin's other patterns.
Knit on merrily.


  1. Very nice, Renate. I think you'll meet the goal.

  2. Renate, this event, Kristin designed the pattern for, is called 'Zugsocking'.

    There is a destination, for example Berlin, and there mostly someone organised a visit in one (or maybe more) LYS and a place to chat, knit and eat, perhaps in a cafe or a restaurant.

    The participants go to this place regularly via train, as much as possible together in a group (as in Germany you can buy special tickets for five people maximum when you go by mass transit), chatting and knitting together during the train run, mostly socks. Often the knitters come from several directions and meet then in the final destination.

    In the past there where several Zugsockings here in the area around Bremen, and Kristin allways designed a special pattern for each of them (what is not typical for Zugsocking).

    I hope, this helps a bit.
    Best regards and a good start into the new week