Monday, June 29, 2009

The turkeys are growing

Yes, they are growing and the adventure of growing turkeys goes on. We've ended up with one Tom and 4 hens. The Tom struts a great deal, but never enough when I want to take photos. They are funny and curious, want to get out of their enclosure, but I can't let them forage. Apparently, there is a law in Michigan that forbids domestic turkeys to be free-range due to the wild turkey population. Now I can see why they wouldn't want to let Toms free-range, but hens? I've decided I'll have to source out butchering. I don't think my back will take processing them. Oh well, we have lots of Amish in the area.

We've also got a couple of hens brooding. Hopefully, we'll get chicks this year and not an empty nest after a month because that's what happened last year. The hen sat on the eggs and when I was finally able to dislodge her, nada, nothing. No chicks, no egg shells, nothing. I've observed that the chickens lay their eggs near the brooding hen, and she reaches out with one foot and rolls them under her. Pretty nifty. It would be nice to add to the meat supply for the winter. If it happens, it happens.

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