Saturday, June 13, 2009

I must be crazy

It's not that I do not belong to enough sock groups, I had to go and sign up to participate in the 52 socks in 52 weeks challenge. No one needs that many socks, unless one has children that are still growing. Mine are all grown up and except for the youngest who wears hand knitted socks every day of the year, the other two are perfectly satisfied with one pair a year. And most likely only wear them to please mother. And for the youngest I use Opal most of the time. The only yarn she has been unable to wear out.
The challenge started June 1 and goes through MY 2009. So far I have knitted three pairs of socks. I am not able to show the first two pairs of socks since they are part of the Little Hexorei test knitting group. But the third pair can be shown. The pattern was designed by Cookie A. and can be found on the Classic Elite web site at:

It's a lovely pattern that can easily be memorized. It took me only one repeat to be able to throw away the chart, and on top of it, I didn't have to look at the pattern again even for the second sock. Now that's easy!
So Knit On!


  1. That's very ambitious! Also a stash buster! However, those of us who still work can't possibly knit one pair of socks per week unless they are knit on larger needles.

  2. Diese Socken sehen wunderschön aus!

    LG aus Germany von

  3. Hallo, Renate!

    Das sind wunderschöne Socken geworden!

    Liebs Grüßle