Sunday, June 7, 2009

And here are the turkeys with the alpha Tom standing right in the food. I've noticed that too with the chickens. As soon as I finish filling up their food dish, the rooster will immediately step into the food, stir the food around with his feet and then, and only then, will he let the hens eat. The Tom is already prancing around with his tail feathers in a half circle and his chest puffed out. But will he do it for the camera? Oh no! One of these days before he becomes Thanksgiving dinner, I will get a picture of him strutting before the hens.

What is it with Michigan? Two days ago the sun was shining, we had a beautiful day, and today it's as cold as if it were March. I am ready to turn the wood stove on again, but for crying out loud it's June. However, while the sun was shining, I was able to take a pic of the Bearded Irises that were blooming. Living in the woods as we do, cultivated flowers are a rarity. If the deer don't get them, the bunnies will; and if the bunnies don't get them, then the chickens for sure will finish the job.

Look, you can even see the sun in the photograph. Ah, glorious sun, please come back soon.
Knitting-wise, I have just finished two pairs of socks, but cannot show them until the designer releases the pattern. So, my friends, knit on. Since my computer is still on dial up instead of DSL, I hope to get a few things finished around here.


  1. I see your photos are inline now, instead of to the side. How did you do it?

  2. PS: Nice pictures in all your posts.

    PPS: Hope your weather is better now.