Friday, January 18, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace Shawl finished!

It's finished! the Queen Ann Lace Shawl designed by MMario. It was a fun and easy knit, and the first time I used larger needles for a lace project. I started out the first few rows with double pointed needles of about 3.5 mm needles and then went to the smallest 5mm (US8) needles and finally went up to a 5.5mm (US9) needle. The change in size of needles was purely out of necessity rather than design. The 5mm circular needle got too small and I was too cheap to spend the money for another Addi.

Amazingly, there is no discernible difference in the knitting between different-sized needles. The cast off used in the design was the Norwegian cast-off which consists of: k1, put back on left needle, knit same stitch again and return to left needle, k2tog. That's quite a bit of knitting when you have 700+ stitches on the needle.
I used Knitpicks lace yarn at 440 yds per 50 grams. The yarn was hand dyed by a friend, the owner of a nearby LYS. Since she decided not to carry this particular dye job any longer, she gave them to me free of charge. Thanks Jane, but you're not getting the shawl despite your generosity.
Blocking of the shawl has to wait until I devise a way of being able to block at a height comfortable for me since I'm presently having difficulty bending over.

"Knit on!"

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