Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas Beauty

I have been amiss in posting photos of my Christmas goodies from Angie. I got some really nice hand spun and hand dyed yarn and one of those small tote bags in which one can carry a knitting project such as socks. But I think, if I try real hard I can stuff a shawl project into it too. And I am really racking my brain to come up with an appropriate project for the yarn. It'll come one of these days. So here without further ado, provided Flickr will cooperate, are the pics.

As you can see some of the yarn is a Wool/Alpaca mixture. The beginning of a felting project is starting to percolate in my mind.

Oh, winter also has returned. After a couple of days of warm weather and just about every snow flake having melted, we got dumped on, albeit only a smallish dump. The sun is even peaking through the clouds, an oddity on the Western side of the State due to Lake Michigan being near. So for those who are not familiar with Michigan weather here are a couple of obligatory photos of snow around the property.

See, how heavy the snow is?

And here comes the sun! Yeah!

Knitting is continuing at my house. I am about 2/3 done with the Queen Ann's Lace shawl. I'm trying real hard not to start another project because the last Friday of January the new KAL dem-fischer-un-sin-frau (the fisherman and his wife) will begin. By the way the name of the shawl is in a northern German dialect.

So, let us all "Knit on!"; some of us will get into less trouble that way.

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