Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Life

The bathroom is alive with "peep, peep, peep," and I am so glad when another week has passed and the little peepers can go into their coop; they are now two weeks old. (Warning for Vegetarians: Please skip to update on scarf.) Since the older chickens are starting to lay fewer eggs, they will most likely find themselves in a stew pot this fall, except for the two pets, Darwina and Widget. Even I couldn't butcher those two. Never name an animal you are going to eat, other than "dinner" or "supper." Yum, yum, particularly with home made noodles.

On the knitting front, I am continuing with the scarf. The knitting is boring as boring can be, but I still have to pay attention due to the fine yarn. I am determined to finish it before I start another shawl, but a circular shawl is calling me. It's just that I have so many patterns I want to knit and can't decide which one to do first. Also, the yahoo group EZasPi is starting another knit-along shawl, called "Bugs in the Garden." So that is calling too. The patterns are designed by one of the members of the group. In order to get access to them, you have to join the group. Usually, there are four to five choices for each section of the EZasPi Shawl from which you can choose. The fun is in picking out a pattern and then seeing how the next choice goes with the previous one. The patterns only come out one section at a time. Oh what to do, what to do?

Isn't it an interesting colorway? The yarn is very light and soft and I can see it going well with a basic black dress. Do they still have those?
"Knit on!"

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