Sunday, April 8, 2007

Count down

The final count down on the Minettara shawl is in progress. Only 24 rows to go.

In the meantime I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket and a baby blanket for afghansforAfghans. A new health clinic is being opened in Wardak Province and knitters were asked to stock the pantry, so to speak. Baby blankets and all things knitted for children are needed with the deadline being Mother’s Day.

So here you see my contribution. The Baby Surprise Jacket is made of Classic Elite wool and the border of an unmarked ball of wool with mohair. The lump on which the jacket lies is a snugly covered up dog, named Pepe.

The blanket is made with Paton’s SWS, left over from a previous project as well as Brown Sheep washable wool combined with a strand of left over sock yarn and a ball of dark green Brown Sheep washable wool combined with some left over hand dyed Tussah silk. The pattern is by Lily Chin as Demonstrated on DIY Net’s Knitty Gritty Show. The pattern is basically made up of three different squares, all reversible. (1) A reversible cable pattern, made by knitting the whole square with a knit 1, purl 1 ribbing and then cabling over 4 stitches, (2) a brioche knit square and (3) a reversible gansey-type square.

After knitting the squares and putting them together, I have for the umpteenth time decided never again to knit another blanket made of individual squares (so she says now). Alas the “bankie” was not large enough for requirements, and I was not going to knit more squares and add them. I solved the problem by crocheting a border around the blanket. The border has mitered corners and was then doubled over and secured to the back. Now to pack up the bundle and mail the package.

In the meantime it is Easter Sunday, April 8th and it finally quit snowing. Kids everywhere in Michigan shouldn’t have too much trouble finding their colored Easter eggs. Happy Easter Holiday!

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