Thursday, April 12, 2007


While I am anxiously waiting for the yarn to finish the last eight rows of the Niebling Minettara, I decided to finally knit the Clapotis Pattern from . The yarn is Knit Picks Gossamer, Sweat Peas, a 100% Merino wool. Knit Picks lists it as lace weight, but, in my opinion, the yarn is not truly lace weight. The thickness is more between lace and fingering. The weight would be good for a beginning lace knitter or someone who wants a slightly more substantial shawl. The pattern is a simple diagonal, drop stitch pattern.
I had resisted for some time knitting the scarf. Every time I looked at the pattern and heard of someone else knitting it, I seemed to get slightly anxious and mildly irritated. I finally figured out where those feelings came from. The drop stitch pattern reminded me of very hard times after WWII when my mother and her friends would knit under shirts with the drop stitch pattern, the idea being that by using the drop stitch you would use less yarn. After all, the only yarn city dwellers were able to obtain was either from their stash, or ripping out an old garment that no longer fit, or the person had died and reusing the yarn. I also learned that used yarn would look like new when re-knit by skeining and washing it first.
Now to the weather. Today the sun is brightly shining; yesterday, however, was a different story. This is what we woke up to on Thursday, April 12, 2007.

"Knit on!"

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