Friday, April 20, 2007


The Clapotis is done. Actually it had been done for a few days, but I wasn't motivated enough to wash and block it. It used just a wee bit over two skeins of Knit Picks, 100% Merino lace weight yarn (880 yds.). The color is Sweat Pea. Two skeins would be enough if one were to omit one repeat. It feels light, airy, and absolutely marvelous around the neck.

In other knitting news, the shawl, Niebling's Minettara, is finished. I finished the crocheted edging about two hours ago. Now I have to find something big enough for blocking. I have an idea that the king-sized bed may be too small. I wish, I wish, I had a lawn. Then, I could lay down a couple of blankets and block it there. But alas, no lawn, only weeds and woods and lots of sand.

I've also knitted another Baby Surprise Jacket. I still need to sew on buttons and then I can take a picture.

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