Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Spring Cleaning

My winter sweater is done just in time for Winter to end and Spring to begin.  Although it came in handy yesterday when we went plant shopping since it was only in the mid 40s.  This pattern is called Sock Yarn Sideways Swing Cardigan and can be found here for purchase.  It is knit with 6 ply sock yarn.  The designer used OnLine sock yarn, but I got a wonderful deal at on Regia 6 ply Kaffe Facett yarn and the cost of the yarn was just under $20 for an extra-extra large size.  At my age and for a knitter life can't get any better than that.  So here is my mug shot including cardigan.  As you can see, I am a wee bit short, but wide. I did change all edgings on the  cardigan to a moss stitch pattern instead of the picot edging. What I liked about the pattern was that you can make the front wider than the back for those of us who are "frontally challenged."

By the way that's my walnut cane, bought once upon a time at a yard sale for 5 cents as a hiking stick.  I think it has much more character than one of those that you buy at the pharmacy. This stick is so me. Unfortunately, I think, I have to turn in my Birkenstocks when walking on our uneven land.

In the mean time, knit on merrily.   


  1. The sweater has so nice colours and looks like it fits you very good! The stick is perfect, some sticks are too boring but this isn´t!

  2. Women should always carry big sticks nearby. :) Great sweater!

  3. Perfect stripes, going in the right direction. I have a friend who attended somebody's workshop (forget whose), and learned that making a good fitting sweater is to make the front the right size for your front, and the back the right size for your back. I'm going to look into the Swing Cardigan if it offers unequal front and back widths. Thanks for sharing! Happy Spring :-)