Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, O My!

Well only bears.

I have had a lousy week; my hives have returned due to an allergic reaction to who knows what, my desk top computer's hard drive with all my favorite games finally gave up the ghost after many years of service, and the firewall on my lap top has given me fits all day long.   So yesterday my daughter and I sought some diversion and took a drive to Cadillac, Michigan to visit the used bookstore. On the way, we saw lots of cars parked on the side of the road, showing that the Morel mushroom hunters were out in force since it had rained most of Thursday.  We were fleetingly thinking about joining the search for Morels when we saw this sign:

We had not seen this sign before on M55, a few miles west of Cadillac  and it does look almost brand new.  As soon as Angie saw the sign, she said "Well, maybe not.  I'm not going out there looking for mushrooms."  Apparently bears are frequently seen further south than they used to be.  For some of us the re-appearance of bears in the lower Peninsula is progress, along with the eagle which is now off the endangered species list as well. But they could have better manners and habitate in areas were the Morel mushroom is not to be found.  After all, even Angie eats Morels.

Next post will hold some knitting news again.  Froggie has been banished back to his lily pad and the Verena top is now wearable. And, I have started a new Tee with Maggi Knits Irish Linen yarn (52% cotton and 48% linen). As you can see I am on a sweater knitting kick lately.

So keep on knitting, merrily.

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  1. You know, we picked a lot of mushrooms throughout the year, starting with the morels in spring, when I was very young. Mom doesn't go out into the bush now since they are badly over-grown (they don't let cattle in the bush as they once did) and we have seen a lot of bears in the area. We NEVER had bears when I was growing up, so have no idea why they suddenly have decided to come into our country now. It might be weather, or the encroachment of humans, but they seem to be on the move. So Mom doesn't feel it is safe to climb into the brush these days, despite how much we love those morels!