Wednesday, May 9, 2012


At least one person's opinion on the state of affairs of our current political events.  Angie and I took a drive yesterday.  Instead of driving along Lake Michigan, we took the road to the right and drove along Lake Hamlin which runs perpendicular just east of Lake Michigan and guess what we found?

In case you have trouble reading the headings on the two doors, the top one is labeled "Politicians" and the bottom door says "Voters."  I am trying to figure out how to avoid all those PAC ads between now and November.  Maybe I'll just watch Netflix. 

Back to knitting on my latest Tee.

Knit on , merrily!


  1. I'm just not as involved with politics this time around. Remember my adventures back in 2008? That was fun!

    The pic says a lot!!!

  2. I had to look at this for an extra second to fully get the gist of the picture. So appropriate during an election year!