Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Afghan: March, April, May

I just realized I never showed the blocks for March, April and May.  Must have been too busy finishing sweaters for the Motherless Child Foundation and knitting tees for myself.  So, duck, you are being bombarded with the squares for all three months.  I continue to marvel how nicely the bulk undyed sock yarn from WEBS knits up. All squares were designed by Vicki Mikulak for the Yahoo Group Holiday Mystery Gifts.

March Squares:


April Squares:

May Squares:

Now I am all caught up.  Knit on Merrily!


  1. Love the squares. You've been really busy. I finally found my knitting to find my blogging mojo.

  2. I cannot stop to be amazed what yarn and knitting needles can do with right and purled sts.

  3. You squares are wonderful! I have an entire blanket finish, but I am stymied on how to connect them nicely. I don't crochet so......
    Anyway i can't wait to see yours put together!

  4. juhuuu aus der Schweiz, die sehen aber toll aus..
    the squares look fantastic...
    have a nice day from this part of the world..