Monday, April 23, 2012


Many cities have butterfly exhibits in early Spring.  We have our own this year, right in our own front yard.  Due to the mild winter, the Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) has exploded, feeding on the flowers of our gooseberry and red currant bushes.  Only the cool winds prevent me from sitting outside and marvelling at the sight, but I can see them flitting past the living room windows.  Certainly, there are more professional pictures in the universe, but these are my very own Red Admirals and, therefore, special to me.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Butterflies have special memories for me. Monarch butterflies were released at my daughter's wedding in memory of her grandfather who raised monarch butterflies. There's a museum in Northampton, MA (same town as WEBS) where the butterflies fly freely inside and you can take pictures.

  2. Butterflies are so delicate and like flying flowers, me like it a lot!