Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning...

...can take on various forms.  I remember as a child my aunt would empty the house of most furniture and then go on a cleaning spree that lasted all day.  Before night fall all the furniture would be returned to its proper place and peace would reign until Fall.  I am doing a different kind of Spring cleaning.  I decided it was high time to finish some of the unfinished knitting projects that have languished in my house, gathering dust as well as dog and cat hair.  So here are photos of three projects, all started in 2011 and finally finished in April 2012.  Plenty of projects had been completed in the meantime, but none were for me.  So here they are:

Knit with GGH Cadiz bought ages ago and no longer being marketed.  The pattern is based on a Drops design without the sleeves since I ran out of yarn.

Knit with GGH Illusion also bought eons ago, and I believe no longer on the market.  Used  the pattern from Cascade Yarns Rio T  since the yarn had similar specs.  I left out the garter stitch pattern just under the bust.  Now that I have a sample that fits, I will include the garter stitch section if I knit it again.

And now that Spring is just around the corner in Northern Michigan, my winter cardigan.  It was designed specifically for 6 ply striped sock yarn.  The designer used OnLine; I used Regia Design Line Kaffee Facett.  The pattern can be bought here .  The cardigan came in handy yesterday as the temperatures were only in the mid fourties.  I did change the picot edgings to seed stitch edgings.

Knit on Merrily and please notice no snow on the ground. 


  1. Oh, you are so good! You put me to shame. I have so many UFO's to complete and they go back more than a couple of years. Love your finished projects!